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Our Products: Emergency Response Planning

Over the past twenty years, Miller Technical Communications has updated and formatted Emergency Response Planning documents for Oil and Gas Companies operating in Western Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba). All document products are copyrighted under Canadian copyright legislation. Generic versions of the documents listed below are modified to match your requirements and estimates are available. Sample pages or extracts of any document can be ordered at anytime. See Contact for details.

All forms and reports to support the following practices, procedures and rules are also available with form fields, including PDF Forms for notebooks and iPads.

We have worked on the following Engineering, Pipeline, and Regulatory Practices documentation listed below:

Emergency Response Core Plan

  • Incident Classification
  • Notification and Activation
  • Emergency Response Team Checklists
  • All required forms with form fields and available in PDF Forms (for notebooks and iPads)

Emergency Response Management Plan

  • Corporate Response Team Notification and Activation
  • Corporate Response Management
  • Provincial and Territorial Government Notifications
  • Public Protection
  • Media
  • Corporate Operations Contacts, Provincial & NWT Contacts, Western Canada Spill Services, etc.
  • All required forms with form fields and available in PDF Forms (for notebooks and iPads)

Staff Role Booklets

Command Staff:

  • Corporate Response Director
  • Deputy Response Director

Corporate Staff:

  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • External Liaison Officer
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Information Services Officer
  • Legal Officer
  • Risk Officer
  • Safety and Security Officer

General Staff:

  • Operations Manager
  • BCP Operations Manager
  • Downstream Operations Manager
  • Upstream Operations Manager
  • Engineering & Production Services Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Information Services Operations Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Oil Sands Operations Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Planning Manager

General Support Staff:

  • Command and General Documentation Unit Leaders
  • BCP Unit Leader
  • GIS Mapping Unit Leader

Tabletop Exercise Templates

  • Spill Response Plans
  • Field Level ERPs in AB, BC, SK, NWT including Guidance Documents
  • ERP Training using PowerPoint Presentations
  • ER Notification and Call-out Pamphlets